Walter Trezek to be Chair of UPU Consultative Committee

The Universal Postal Union (UPU) has announced that Walter Trezek, who is Co-Chair of the e-Logistics Working Group of Ecommerce Europe, has been appointed as Chair of the Consultative Committee for the UPU.

The UPU committee allows postal stakeholders who are not public postal operators or regulator add their voice in UPU deliberations. It represents the interests of the wider postal sector and provides a framework for effective dialogue and plays a key role in the development of a more global vision in regards the issues that affect the sector.

“As cross-border parcel delivery is still one of the greatest hurdles facing online merchants selling to customers outside their home markets, Ecommerce Europe is actively helping to shape the market and make it fit for the needs of a modern e-commerce sector. The appointment of Mr. Trezek as Chair of the Consultative Committee is another successful step towards this key objective, and will provide the UPU with access to Ecommerce Europe expertise in the field of parcel delivery. We are truly convinced that this will lead to innovation in this sector, both at European level and globally,” said Marlene ten Ham, Secretary General of Ecommerce Europe.

In his new role at the UPU Trazek can now facilitate effective dialogue between all of the stakeholders, while developing recommendations for UPU policy, regulation and operations, and foster the involvement of wider postal stakeholders in creating a better understanding between stakeholders and member countries of the UPU.

“The Consultative Committee adds a third dimension to the UPU, helping developing e-commerce and postal related financial services,” commented Pascal Clivaz, Vice-Director General of the UPU. “The Consultative Committee shall help to advance the development of the Union, as it reforms its structure.”

Trezek said: “This appointment comes at a time during which the new fundamentals of global commerce are being determined.

“It is an honour to represent Ecommerce Europe as it leads the work of the committee’s members, consisting of wider postal stakeholders and selected postal members, in consulting with the UPU and helping to develop postal services and products which will better serve the global community.”

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