Ware2Go joins Point A innovation sharing hub

US on-demand warehousing network Ware2Go has joined the Point A supply chain innovation network.

Founded in 2018, Point A is a supply chain solutions environment designed to bring together major companies, academia and startups in a world class innovation hub. The environment is a forum for collaboration and innovation in the supply chain.

Ware2Go will have access to supply chain data and insights from organisations leading innovation in organisational and technological spaces.

“Ware2Go’s partnership with Point A will help impact the pace and effectiveness at which enterprise-grade supply chain capabilities can be democratized for small and mid-sized businesses,” said Chris Domby, VP of Supply Chain at Ware2Go. “Ware2Go’s experience with optimizing the supply chains of e-commerce brands with varying degrees of complexity will complement the corporate-level expertise possessed by many of our Point A partners and enable us to develop supply chain strategies that are viable for organizations of all sizes and industries.”


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