Whistl – China dominant cross-border e-commerce seller country

UK delivery management company Whistl has released its second annual report into e-commerce. The research that looked at six countries’ shopping habits showed that more than 66% of cross-border e-commerce is with China.

Among the list, the UK followed China and then the USA and Germany were the next biggest e-commerce exporters.

Only Ireland didn’t buy more from China than anywhere else – the UK was its dominant import country. Geographical location and proximity was a major factor in purchase decisions – UK shoppers chose the USA as a second choice of import country, the USA, Canada and and Germany, France.

The Whistl research also showed age was another factor in such cross-border e-commerce decisions. Older people were less likely to buy from China than younger people. Twice as many younger shoppers buy from Japan compared to midd-aged shoppers.

Marketplace choice is a factor too. France and Germany chose Amazon over eBay, but Australians and British chose eBay. Irish and French shoppers choose Aliexpress more than other nations.

Melanie Darvall, Director Marketing & Communications, Whistl, said: “The predominance of China as the marketplace for international online shoppers in not really surprising. However, the value of our research findings is the information e-tailers can use to help maximise the opportunities for international sales in these key markets whether it’s the sales platforms used, optimisation of website or social media strategy.

“Consumer habits vary by geography, gender and age and our guide provides insight into these key international online markets and the drivers of consumer behaviour.”