Whistl extends reach into Europe

To help its customers reach European markets more easily, UK delivery management company Whistl has engaged in two partnerships. The first is with PVS Europe, a major European fulfilment company; and the other is with the pan European F4E platform, an association of European fulfilment companies with integrated operating systems.

With the partnerships, Whistl can now offer its UK customers access to mainland Europe through a single point of contact rather than reaching out to multiple different businesses to develop their supply chains.

Nick Wells, CEO, Whistl said: “Both Whistl and PVS are owner managed entrepreneurial businesses that share the same philosophy of taking a partnership approach to customer relationships.  Working with them and the F4E network we can provide pan-European expertise to help customers growth their businesses through operational excellence.”

Christian Paechter, CSO, PVS Europe said: “Our goal is to offer customers the leading premium European fulfilment platform.  The partnership with Whistl and PVS represents an outstanding opportunity for customers to grow in the UK and mainland Europe. The UK has the largest ecommerce market in Europe and in mainland Europe with its several markets and different cultures, market rules and consumer expectations, it can be quite challenging. That is why we are very happy with this partnership with Whistl and the F4E network to enable our customers’ success.”