Whistl offers big volume delivery prices to small firms

In an attempt to support smaller, low volume e-commerce companies, Whistl has launched a pilot of a new delivery service aimed at those companies too small to access competitive parcel pricing due to the volumes involved.

The pilot is taking place in three locations – Minworth, West Midlands; Dinnington, South Yorkshire; and Nottingham. Whistl is to collect parcels from the e-retailers and consolidate the parcels at its micro-hubs before passing them onto their partners for delivery.

The pilot allows smaller e-retailers to have access to a carrier management system (CMS) that enables them to offer a range of delivery options including 24 and 48 hour deliveries. This CMS is seamlessly integrated into the existing order management system and automatically chooses the best carrier for the job according to the requirements of the delivery.

Nick Wells, CEO Whistl, said: “Whistl has always been a champion for our customers and looking at ways for organisations, no matter their size, to benefit from competition in the delivery space.  As we are seeing unprecedented demand for goods online during the current Covid 19 crisis, it is important that all retailers no matter of size have the opportunity to get their goods to customers competitively.

“By working with Whistl, small volume e-tailers can now access the benefits of carrier management systems that were once only available to larger volume organisations. We look forward to rolling out to further locations across the UK depending on the performance of the trial in Minworth, Dinnington and Nottingham.”