Whistl offers Yodel Xpect delivery service to clients

E-commerce fulfilment logistics specialists Whistl will offer its clients access to the Yodel Xpect Mini and Medium two-hour delivery window services. This follows a successful pilot, and the service will be in addition to the Yodel Xpect larger items delivery service Whistl offers to its clients.

Yodel’s Xpect services are offered for extra large, large, medium and small package deliveries, with small packages up to 45cm long and up to 3kg in weight, and medium packages up to 90cm long and 17kg in weight.

The Yodel Xpect delivery service allows the end-customer to track the parcel as well as offering in-flight diversion of the parcels before the delivery time.

Whistl Parcels specialises in e-commerce fulfilment for larger companies, while Parcelhub, that it acquired in 2018, serves SME and mid-market sized companies. Parcelhub is an aggregator and offers big-company delivery and fulfilment rates to smaller firms.

“Following positive feedback from customers who have trialed the new Yodel small parcels 2-hour delivery slot service, we are delighted to be able to roll it out to both our Parcelhub and Whistl Parcels customers,” said Steve Marjoram, Managing Director at Parcelhub.

“Our ambition across our portfolio of parcel brokerage services is to ensure that we can scale the benefits typically only available to large volume customers via Parcelhub so that smaller volume customers are able to meet the increasingly specific delivery demands of the consumer,” added Marjoram

Carl Moore, Chief Operations Officer, Yodel said: “We’re pleased to be partnering with Whistl and Parcelhub to offer our services to their customers after successfully completing a trial period. Yodel has also worked hard to ensure that we can provide a robust delivery service regardless of the size and shape of packages. We look forward to bringing our experience and expertise to this partnership; together we can ensure our SME clients receive the same fantastic service as our larger scale clients.”

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