Whistl research – delivery subscriptions a win win

New research from delivery company Whistl suggests that UK consumers are spending £2 billion a year on delivery subscription services.

Among those subscription services is Amazon Prime, where 61.4% of those surveyed have subscriptions. The other major players are Graze (12.3%), nextunlimited (9.7%) and ASOS Premier (8.8%).

There is good sense behind signing up to subscription services. Amazon Prime subscribers for instance can make up to £165 a year over paying for each delivery.

The Whistl research also showed that for the company offering a subscription it is a good move too. Almost half of those surveyed said they may not have made certain purchases except for the subscription.

“It seems the key to making your subscription service a success is finding the balance and making your offering beneficial for both parties,” said Melanie Darvall, director of marketing and communications at Whistl.

“Ensuring the quality of product or value of discount is high enough to make your customer base loyal and consider spending money outside of what is essentially a monthly “taster” service can certainly be a challenge, but once you’ve cracked that side of things, you’ll reap the rewards and hopefully retain a happy customer base.”