Whistl up impulse buys

Delivery management company Whistl has published research that shows 91% of the British public admit to making ‘impulse purchases’ every month.

“From adding to their wardrobe to filling up their fridge,” said Whistl, “the average person spends £47.84 on spontaneous buys every single month – meaning as a nation we’re spending up to £37bn on these types of purchases over the course of a year.”

Among the shoppers surveyed by Whistl, 59% said they tend to make more impulse purchases in the supermarket than anywhere else. Amazon and eBay were the next favoured places for such impulse buys.

“Over a third (39%) of Brits admitting late night browsing online leads them to these types of purchases and 24% said having a drink got them pressing buy now,” commented Whistl. “Others claimed a special offer makes them more likely to buy on impulse.”

Interestingly, not all of these impulse buyers were bitten with the “Buy it now, want it now!” bug.  According to Whistl: “When it comes to the delivery time, some impulse buyers aren’t as eager as they first appear with over a quarter (28%) of those surveyed saying they are happy to wait a week for their impulse buys. However, a third are not so patient and are only willing to wait two to three days to receive their purchases.”

Melanie Darvall, Director of Marketing & Communications at Whistl, commented: “Today, more and more Brits are used to being able to get hold of anything they want or need at the touch of a button. From adding an extra bottle of wine to your basket at the supermarket to splashing out on a new pair of heels that are 30% off ‘just because’. These types of purchases can soon add up but it’s great to see so many shoppers being savvy when it comes to getting the best prices and quickest delivery.

“Impulse buying has always played a key role in the retail mix and with the rise of online shopping, retailers must offer a seamless experience with easy navigation, fast payment and a choice of delivery options.”

More information about the survey is available at: http://www.whistl.co.uk/news/brits-spend-over-3-billion-on-impulse-buys-every-month/

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