Wiggle launches PUDO widget

Following trends in the European e-commerce industry, online sporting goods retailer Wiggle has launched a Pick Up Drop Off (PUDO) widget for its customers.

The new delivery platform, the outcome of a collaborative project with mailing and distributions provider P2P Mailing, is a drop down delivery option on the purchase page of the Wiggle website that enables customers to collect or drop off online purchases at a PUDO location of their choice.

Doug Macgrain, Customer Delivery Manager of Wiggle explained, “Wiggle has expanded at an impressive rate in recent years and as the company has grown, we’ve listened closely to the changing needs and delivery preferences of our international customers. By offering a single flexible delivery platform, our PUDO widget is geared around localised consumer convenience.”

Sales Director of P2P Mailing Beth Chapman added, “We were delighted to team up with Wiggle with the development and implementation of their new delivery platform.

“Retailers have to work harder than ever to meet customer expectations on flexible delivery. For example, in France almost a third (28%) of products ordered at distance are delivered to pick up points. While in Scandinavia pick up points are the preferred form of delivery due to the widely dispersed population.

“The PUDO widget taps into these consumer trends by offering greater delivery choice and in doing so enhances the overall customer experience from purchase to collection.”

As e-commerce matures in Europe, so the different delivery options among the different nations are emerging at different speed as the various cultures use them. For a company that works into a number of different countries across Europe, giving customers a range of options for delivery is a good approach to meet the needs of the different cultures and their varying demands on the e-commerce website.