Wing makes first commercial drone deliveries

Alphabet-owned Wing has become the first company to deliver parcels by drone to homes in the United States.

Friday, 18th October saw Wing drones deliver packages, over-the-counter medication, snacks and gifts to residents of Christiansburg, Virginia.

Under its Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) license, Wing is permitted to have a single pilot control multiple drones and multiple pilots to fly groups of drones on deliveries to the general public.

The Federal Aviation Administration has granted Wing an expanded Air Carrier Certificate. It has permission to “allow multiple pilots to oversee multiple unmanned aircraft making commercial deliveries simultaneously to the general public.”

Wing is working with FedEx Express, Walgreens and VA retailer Sugar Magnolia on the project. Between them they are the first businesses in the US to offer such deliveries.

Upon ordering a package the drone flies close to the customer’s home where it hovers and lowers the package onto the ground. The drone delivery service also allows for scheduled FedEx deliveries.


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