Wing takes on Amazon?

In the face of Amazon’s onslaught into the delivery and logistics sector, one France based startup is looking to stem the tide. Wing offers a delivery service to small and medium businesses that enables them ton compete on a similar footing to Amazon. Its clients include the (not so small) brand Chanel, audio company Devialet and spectacles company Bailey Nelson among its clients.

“Amazon and the other industry leaders have set an incredible pace in the logistics industry in the past few years, accustoming customers to fast and cheap delivery,” cofounder Edouard Caraco said. “Our aim is to allow SMB’s to compete with these standards and turn their logistics into a competitive advantage.”

Launched in 2015 and moving into the UK market last year Wing has shipoed more than 100,000 parcels for 200 UK clients. December 2016 was its busiest month to date. Around a third of its business is in the UK.

Rather than spend millions on a new delivery and logistics network it uses third party companies Wing uses economies of scale to get better rates with existing networks and takes a fee for arranging the delivery. It has 28 staff in total, eight in the UK and 20 in France.

For the merchant Wing handles everything from collection and packing the parcels to getting the best price and providing a dashboard for clients to manage the deliveries. The company offers standard, express and one hour deliveries, going directly head to head with Amazon Prime Now. In addition Wing handles the returns process from end to end.

While small, if successful it could mean that rather than being the only show in town, Amazon could have competition on its hands in years to come.  
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