Wings takes on Deliveroo on rider treatment and CO2 emissions

A new restaurant delivery business in London, Wings, is rider-owned and is going head to head with Deliveroo and Just Eat by treating its riders well.

Wings is based in Finsbury Park and solely delivers for local restaurants. It is a rider-owned co-op that also seeks to protect the environment by only using bicycles for deliveries.

Rich Mason, 32, the founder of Wings and a former Deliveroo rider, believes businesses should be doing all they can to halt global warming. “It’s an emergency at this stage. It’s incumbent on all businesses.

No polluting vehicles is a no-brainer. Now we’re looking at plastic packaging. We’re in talks with the local council and businesses to roll out a scheme of renewable packaging.”

The firm guarantees its riders the London Living Wage of £10.85 an hour by limiting the amount of riders on its books until enough restaurants have signed up and it can meet the demand for more riders.

Riders and locals have responded well to the business. 18 year old Yunus used to work with. Just Eat. “With Wings, I’m looked after. Just the other day, I did five orders in the space of an hour, and I was tired. Rich said I could take a break, and that he’d take any orders that came in. It was quite rainy and I was drenched. I went inside, had a cup of tea and dried off. He provided me with that facility.

“With Just Eat I wouldn’t have got the rest. I could have had hypothermia, or been involved in an accident,” he says. “If we’re tired we can’t accelerate and we can’t move out of the way. We are the engine.”

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