XPO Logistics allows tracking via Google search

XPO Logistics has announced it has become the first company to be able to provide last mile tracking of heavy goods through Google search in the US and Canada.

In the US and Canada XPO is the biggest provider of last mile logistics for heavy goods. This is operated through its expansive network serving e-commerce and omnichannel retail customers.

Through the new technology set up by XPO, consumers will be able to track big and bulky home deliveries through Google on any internet-enabled device.

When the customer enters the search phrase ‘XPO package tracking’ Google will display a box got the tracking number that updates the status with a single click. Once on the page of the parcel being tracked, there are a number of self-service options including online order management, text updates and voice-activated connectivity. According to XPO, last mile providers have not been able to do this anywhere to date.

“We have technology teams dedicated to enhancing consumerization across the board for our e-commerce and omnichannel retail customers, said Mario Harik, chief information officer of XPO Logistics, in a statement. “Google Search interacts with our last mile technology, XPO Connect marketplace and XPO Direct shared-space network for a seamless digital experience.”

In the US and Canada, XPO handles around 14 million last mile deliveries, assemblies and installations of heavy goods a year. It also provides the service in the UK and elsewhere in Europe.