XPO Logistics US seasonal recruitment drive

As the e-commerce delivery temporary staff peak season boom continues, XPO Logistics has announced it is hiring 6,000 seasonal workers for its US contract logistics operations.

XPO Logistics released a statement that said its 2017 recruitment target will exceed last year’s by at least 1000 workers, which the company says is “due primarily to the growth in e-commerce”.

Troy Cooper, chief operating officer of XPO Logistics, said: “The dynamic growth in e-commerce and omnichannel is creating huge opportunities for our retail customers. We’re looking for individuals with a strong work ethic who want to further their skills with a company that prioritizes training, technology and safety.”

For those who are between jobs in the US and EU, it seems the delivery sector is definitely the place to seek temporary employment. The work is generally low skilled but there are a lot of hours to be had in an industry that is both booming (and has long term roles on offer) and has to extend its capacity during the peak season every year – it seems, by ever greater numbers annually too…

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