XPO reports on sustainability efforts

XPO Logistics has released its annual Sustainability Report that looks at the logistics giant’s efforts to tackle its emissions as well as the health of its staff.

Brad Jacobs, chairman and chief executive officer of XPO Logistics, said in the opening letter to stakeholders, “We’re installing LED lighting in our facilities, reusing pallets, right-sizing packaging and employing numerous other eco-friendly processes in our operations. Our expertise in circular economy practices continues to pay dividends, as well. We’re cutting waste by reducing and reusing materials and recycling a growing share of waste. We’ve also developed software that optimises our truck routes, which lowers congestion and reduces emissions, and we own a large fleet of alternative-fuel trucks in Europe. Last year, we expanded this fleet to include 225 tractors that run on liquified or compressed natural gas.

We made substantial progress on corporate sustainability in 2020, beyond the extensive measures we took to keep our people safe. 2020 was also the first performance period for our new ESG scorecard, which captures data in over 40 areas. I’m pleased that we’re continuing to deepen our commitment to sustainability, in addition to tracking our progress.”

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