Yodel agrees to give pay rise to HGV drivers

Following the threat of national strike action, Yodel is to offer a pay rise to its LGV1 HGV drivers.

The drivers are to receive a pay rise from £13.34 to £16 an hour, with London weighting taking Hatfield drivers from £14.40 to £17.19 an hour. Drivers will also be offered double time on any sixth shift in a row.

The GMB union has praised Yodel for ‘doing the right thing’ after stormy negotiations led to 95% of the drivers voting to take industrial action. The independent carrier works with clients such as M&S and Aldi, whose supply chains would have been affected by the strike.

Though agreed by the union the LGV1 drivers must now vote to accept the terms offered.

Nationally, the GMB is in discussions with outstanding issues that includes the settlement of an employment tribunal that affects 137 members – an issue that Yodel has agreed to resolve in principle.

Steve Garelick, GMB London regional organiser, said, “This is a great outcome for our LGV1 drivers at Yodel in Hatfield who before this earned some of the worst wages and endure less than satisfactory working conditions.

“By standing strong and together GMB members have held Yodel to account and helped the company realise the true worth of LGV drivers. It took some time, but Yodel did the right thing and agreed to the pay rise. If anyone ever doubted the worth of being in a union, they need only read this story.”

Mike Hancox, CEO at Yodel, commented, “We are pleased to have reached agreement with the GMB on an offer that they are recommending to their members.”

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