Yodel greens fleet

Yodel is investing £15.2 million to reduce its fleet carbon emissions. New vehicles are being bought and others are being improved.

As a first move, Yodel has taken delivery of an all electric Mitsubishi FUSO eCanter 7.5 tonne light duty truck. Based in Hayes, it is to work across London to test how best to use such vehicles ahead of a bigger fleet-wide purchase once the company knows how to use them. It has a 4.5 tonne payload capacity.

Andrew Peeler, CEO of Yodel, said: “This large-scale investment in our fleet is designed to improve efficiency and minimise the environmental impact of deliveries. I’m delighted that we’ve introduced electric to our fleet this Spring, and we have plans to expand our use of both pedal and electric power this year.

“In addition, we have invested in technology to calculate the most efficient routes and evaluate our drivers’ driving style to further reduce our carbon footprint.

“Our CollectPlus service helps to minimise congestion and pollution by consolidating deliveries to local stores, which customers can then pick up at their convenience. We are also striving to ensure that every home delivery is successful on the first attempt through the use of enhanced tracking and our Inflight service, which allows customers to redirect or reschedule if they realise they are going to be out when their delivery is due.”


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