Yodel had a bumper festive period

The festive period of 2015, launched with the Cyber Weekend in November, was one of the best ever for delivery company Yodel. The company handled over 22 million parcels over the 8 or so weeks in question. In preparing well for the projected spikes in demand so it achieved good customer satisfaction ratings.

Customer satisfaction was higher than 2014, with 83% of customers surveyed rating their delivery experience as positive. In 2014 by comparison, due to poor communication from their online shopping client companies, this was far lower as the company struggled to meet the unprecedented demand of an unplanned Black Friday.

Dick Stead, Yodel’s executive chairman, added: “Our customer satisfaction levels have continued to improve in line with service performance and it’s particularly pleasing to see them hit record highs at our busiest time of year.”

Ahead of Black Friday 2015, Yodel had spent time with client companies to try to get accurate projections of parcel throughput and these appeared to be accurate. In addition, the delivery company gave its client businesses strict next day delivery limits to avoid chaos in the last mile of the supply chain. The unprecedented spike in demand for online shopping was well prepared for and went by without any major hitches.

Keith Basnett, Yodel’s chief operating officer said: “Our focus for peak 2015 was on service and delivering a fantastic customer experience and we’re delighted that our efforts are reflected in the positive feedback received from consumers.”

Yodel is one of the first delivery companies to report back on its festive period, and seems to have done very well this year. With growth almost certain in the online shopping industry and spikes in demand fairly well predicted, there should be few surprises from the company’s e-commerce clients, or few that will leave the delivery company flat on its back…