Yodel – online shoppers take carrier carbon emissions seriously

According to UK independent carrier Yodel, more than half of 18-34 year olds are more inclined to shop with a retailer if it prioritises reducing its carbon emissions, including in their supply chain and logistics.

The Yodel research also showed that the age group are the most likely to take the CO2 emissions of their online shopping into account when making a purchase.

Older online shoppers surveyed are not so concerned about sustainability. Thirty-two percent of over 55s said that the environmental credentials of the delivery company would influence what retailers they shopped with.

In addition, the research by Yodel showed that 42% of online shoppers would be happy to wait longer for a parcel should it mean that it had a reduced carbon footprint.

Mike Hancox, CEO at Yodel, commented: “It should come as no surprise to retailers that the environmental impact of deliveries is a big priority for their customers. We recognise that there is no quick solution to lowering emissions and it’s often the result of a wide range of measures that require significant investment. Brand loyalty is as important as ever for retailers with ecommerce dominating the market and consumers having so many options available to them, so it’s well worth listening to what they value.

“Earth Day falls at time when the world is returning to something resembling normality, and retailers should be looking at how they can move forward and offer their customers the solutions that they’re looking for. We’ll continue to be proactive when it comes to reducing our carbon footprint and contributing to Britain’s 2050 net zero emissions target.”

According to Yodel, it has reduced its carbon emissions by 25% despite record growth in the last five years thanks in part due to a £17 million investment in its fleet. It has also expanded its urban bicycle delivery offering to seven cities and in 2020 reached its goal to deliver 150,000 parcels by pedal power and aims to double this in 2021.

Sam Keam, CCO and co-founder of bicycle courier company Zedify, commented: “Zedify has been supporting Yodel with its last-mile services in Brighton and Hove for several years. We currently deliver around 7,000 parcels a month across the city using our local fleet of zero-emission electric cargo bikes, operating from our local microhub.

“Our delivery model reduces emissions by over 98% compared with conventional diesel vans, and our local team of couriers are highly trained and paid the real Living Wage which helps ensure the highest levels of customer service. In the past year alone, we estimate that our services have saved Yodel around 9 tonnes of CO2 by switching to Zedify’s services in Brighton and Hove.”

To learn more about Yodel’s green practices please visit: https://www.yodel.co.uk/about/corporate-social-responsibility/.