Yodel opens “Business Control Tower” in Hatfield

B2C delivery firm Yodel has opened a new Business Control Tower at its Hatfield sorting centre in Hertfordshire.

The IT information and insights hub is designed to provide an end-to-end (E2E) overview of the company’s operations across the UK. Yodel will now be able to take pre-emptive action on changing local conditions around the country, for example road or bridge closures in bad weather, and inform its clients in real-time.

The Business Control Tower brings together the capabilities of the transport and peak control towers that were at Yodel’s Wednesbury site. It runs 24/7 with a team of 10 agents working under a dedicated manager, with centralised events planning feeding into the team. A data wall at the centre shows Yodel’s forecasts, volumes moving through the network, and operational progress against plan.

The computer and control centre will also assess insights and trends and harness big data to improve service levels. The new facility is designed to provide improved vehicle tracking and reduce costs using the Microlise technology. Coming onstream soon, SMS services to customers and the launch of a Collections Hotline will go further to improve client communications.

Mike Cooper, CEO at Yodel, said: “The new Business Control Tower allows us to use our current data to better predict activity and respond quickly with detailed information. This strengthens our existing capability and offers significant benefits to our valued clients, providing year-round functionality and enhanced service capability in the all-important peak periods. The Business Control Tower fits into our wider operational planning strategy to improve service levels at the lowest reasonable costs for retailers and their customers.”

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