Yodel releases parcel scanning app for couriers

Delivery company Yodel has developed an app for all smartphones that will allow drivers to scan barcodes using their own equipment. The app is to replace handheld computers and is to ensure that employed and self-employed drivers alike can use the same technology.

As part of the smartphone app, Yodel has integrated barcode scanning software from Scandit, as well as augmented reality (AR).

To meet the needs of its self-employed drivers Yodel has a ‘bring your own device’ (BYOD) policy. The app can work on almost 20,000 different models of smartphone, and across Android and iOS platforms.

Yodel drivers will now be able to process deliveries while on the road as well as confirming proof of delivery by scanning the barcode using their own devices.

According to Yodel’s Chief Digital Officer, Adam Gerrard, user satisfaction of the app has been high since the app was first released.

He explained: “The app has been deployed rapidly to more than 600 users, on time, with no issues, and has transformed our on-the-road courier experience. We’ve been delighted with our partnership with Scandit in terms of product quality, technical support and their roadmap for future innovation. This support has been critical to the success of the programme, which will continue in 2020.”

Tania Pinkerton, courier for Yodel: “It’s great being able to scan and walk, instead of having to scan at the door. The app allows us to scan as soon as you get near the barcode – no more having to zoom in and out or making sure the parcel is out of any light – it’s even scanning broken barcodes. I seem to be faster delivering, as this technology is speeding me up.”

Samuel Mueller, Scandit CEO, commented: “We love working with an organisation that embraces innovation and the business benefits to be gained from computer vision technology. We look forward to continuing to support Yodel to further digitalise and future-proof its business.”


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