Youngs Seafood to use Reed Boardall for storage and delivery

Frozen seafood company Youngs Seafood is to use temperature controlled food delivery and storage company to store and deliver its products. Yorkshire based Reed Boardall is one of the largest firms in the UK in this niche, and delivers goods all over the UK and mainland Europe.

The two companies have worked together at some level for some time. Youngs Seafood logistics manager Chris Law said, “We are impressed by their ability to respond and are confident that they will take good care of our foodservice customers and deliver the expected performance this area demands.”

As well as delivering Youngs Seafood goods around the UK and Europe, Reed Boardall will also provide third party storage to Youngs Seafood sister company, Pinneys of Scotland.

Reed Boardall has a fleet of around 180 delivery trucks and moves nearly 12,000 pallets of frozen produce around the UK and Europe daily.