Your DPD app – 2 million downloads

The Your DPD app run by the eponymous delivery company has reached two million downloads. According to DPD, the app is “at the heart of DPD’s comprehensive plans for another record breaking Christmas, with an anticipated 28 million DPD parcels to be delivered between Black Friday and Christmas Eve.”

The features that DPPD customers can access through the app include a 30 minute heads-up push notification, live driver tracking preferred neighbours, multiple delivery addresses, safe place pictures, delivery between school runs and the option of a second delivery attempt, as the app can automatically notify the driver when customers have returned home.

“We’re ready for Christmas. As always, we’ve planned every detail and our team has been working on it since January to make sure we deliver a record breaking peak,” said Dwain McDonald, DPD CEO. “With 2 million customers now using the app it does really start to make a difference to the operation. This Christmas will feel very different. More customers will be in full control of their delivery and be able to take advantage of a wide range of ‘in-flight options’ and enhanced features.”

The peak season has been described as the months that delivery companies spend all year preparing for. Their long term survival depend on not getting blaring headlines of children having nothing under their trees / opening up smashed up toys for Christmas due to snarl ups further up the supply chain. DPD’s apparent readiness is one that will be clarified after the event rather than in any announcements prior…

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