Zambian postal workers remain unpaid

Zambia postal workers have entered their second month of strikes due to not being paid. Many of them have been evicted from their homes due to the missed payments, which precipitated the strike in March.

On March 18th the postal workers went on strike, demanding payment of their six months of payment arrears, which amounted to an average of 25,000 Kwacha (£1542).

A union leader told the Lusaka Times that workers had been offered 500 Kwacha (£30) each to go back to work by management but the had refused as this amounted to less than 20% of the monies owed.

The money owed the Zambian postal workers has not been paid by their employer, the Zambia Postal Services Corporation, as the postal operator is owed some 20 million Kwacha (£1.23 million) by Zambian government ministry. Somewhat surprisingly the government has refused to make the payment even though it is at fault for the extreme difficulties that the postal workers are facing.


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