Zapp 24/7 deliveries face opposition in Reading

Proposals for a new 24/7 alcohol, food and convenience items delivery service by ultra fast delivery company Zapp in Reading, Berks has been opposed by police and the city council.

Zapp operates in London, Manchester, Paris and Amsterdam and seeks to expand within the UK. It applied for a license in July but was refused support from Thames Valley Police and Reading Borough Council.

The two organisations instead suggested that Quick Commerce Ltd, owners of Zapp, be licensed to operate between 08:00 to 23:00. Zapp responded by saying they are a 24 hour a day delivery service so this could be problematic.

The police said it has concerns that alcohol delivery after 23:00 would lead to an increase in anti-social behaviour and noise nuisance from drivers delivering in anti-social hours.

The council agreed, with Reading Borough Council licensing officer Mark Groves writing: “By asking for 24 hours to operate there has been no consideration given to local residents near to the business.

“There has been no consideration given to the time when a delivery is made in the early hours of the morning with delivery drivers banging on doors or ringing doorbells.”

Reading’s authorities have not been the first to oppose a 24/7 delivery service involving alcohol in recent weeks. It seems that the offer of round the clock alcohol deliveries leads to councils and police expecting anti-social behaviour. It would be interesting to see if such 24/7 deliveries without alcohol would be considered less controversial and be more easily licensed.

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