Zedify lands £300k investment for growth

UK e-cargo bike delivery company Zedify has secured £300,000 in private investment to expand its capacity and improve its technology platform.

The investment comes from a group led by the Green Angel Syndicate (GAS). As part of the deal Antoine Pradayrol, Director and Analyst at GAS, has joined the Zedify board as Investment Director.

“Zedify is tackling a very serious problem, air pollution and carbon emissions in cities, in a huge, fast-growing market – local deliveries,” Pradayrol commented. “The company has developed an efficient and differentiated solution, combining electric trikes and local depots. Zedify already shows serious traction and its franchise model will enable for rapid growth.

“I am really humbled and excited by this opportunity to support Rob, Sam and the team, who combine a great sense of purpose and a very successful track record in the market.”

Sam Kean, co founder of Zedify said, “We are thrilled to have won the trust and confidence of GAS and other investors, and are buoyed by the ever-growing potential for our unique model of smart, consolidated urban deliveries. This funding will unlock our ambitious plans for innovation and growth as we continue to demonstrate how deliveries, when done well, can contribute positively to the communities we serve.”