Zedify opens Winchester hub

With a projected record online shopping peak season on the way, zero-emission delivery company Zedify has opened a new urban delivery hub in Winchester.

Zedify’s aim is to provide a low-carbon solution for last-mile deliveries and a reliable and ethical same-day service for local businesses near its nine hubs across the UK – Central London, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Cambridge, Waltham Forest, Brighton, Norwich, Southampton, and now Winchester. A 10th is set to open in Bristol early next year.

Springboarding off the success of nearby Zedify Southampton, David Munday, Zedify Winchester commented: “During our first 16 months of operation in Southampton we have already delivered thousands of consignments ranging from parcels and veg boxes to high street shopping and urgent paperwork. In doing so, saving the city from over seven tonnes of CO2 emissions and eliminating around 17,000 diesel van miles.

The level of demand we have encountered from the businesses of Winchester for a reliable, cost-effective and sustainable delivery service is strong. We have already proven the efficiency of our cargo-bikes in the city. They can cross the city silently and efficiently while avoiding the congested centre. The need and desire for us to launch a Winchester service has never been more urgent and higher.”