ZigZag Global partners with US PUDO network

US PUDO Inc (PUDOpoint Counters) has partnered with international returns management company ZigZag Global to provide a new last mile solution in North America.

Thanks to the partnership, US and Canadian customers of ZigZag Global will have the ability to have goods returned to them via the pick-up/drop-off network.

There are statistics showing that in North America, a poor returns process can lose up to 73% of an online retailer’s custom. The PUDO Inc/ZigZag Global tie up should improve this significantly for the retailers using the UK based returns management company.

Lucie Custance, Head of Logistics at ZigZag commented, “We are delighted to welcome PUDOpoint Counters to our carrier network. Pick-up drop-off services are quickly becoming the most popular choice for retailers and consumers alike. They provide a convenient and safe option for customers whilst negating the most challenging aspects of first and last-mile collections and deliveries.”

“I am particularly pleased and proud of our partnership with ZagZag Global,” says PUDO CEO Frank Coccia. “The inspiration for PUDO Inc was based largely on the time I spent in the UK, working in the e-commerce parcel pick-up and drop-off space — a space that was much more developed than it was and still is here in North America.  Thanks to visionary partners like ZigZag and our major online retailer and courier partners, the PUDOpoint Counters Network is making a serious economic and environmental dent in e-commerce universe by reducing or eliminating last-mile gridlock.”