Zoomo One – the “moped killer” – on sale in US

Australian based e-bike makers Zoomo have released a prototype e-bike that it calls a ‘moped killer’ thanks to the machine’s ability to travel at 28mph.

The Zoomo One has moped-level performance as well as advanced safety and customisation options that will allow businesses to switch to e-bikes for deliveries instead of passenger cars.

Zoomo’s hardware team, led by Head of Hardware Christopher Krainer, has been dedicated to bringing the final prototype from concept to reality. “We broke many of the traditional development rules with the Zoomo One”, Krainer said. “The playbook was ripped apart to ensure we made a vehicle for couriers by couriers. This meant putting a human centered design philosophy first and co-designing the vehicle with mechanics and riders to ensure premium durability and serviceability. We did this by going deep with our customers to gather live data and feedback to ensure we created a vehicle that would exceed their expectations, whilst working in parallel with our mechanics to ensure designs were adjusted for ease of maintenance.”

Zoomo’s CEO Mina Nada said, “Its unique design will help eliminate petrol mopeds from roads. We have taken producing delivery-specific e-bikes to the next level with the Zoomo One, with its premium design, unmatched reliability, and advanced safety ensuring that both individual riders and businesses will reap the benefits of the world’s best delivery e-bike.”

Zoomo will launch the vehicle in the US in the second half of this year, with the UK and Europe being able to take deliveries of the Zoomo One in 2023.