Zypp Electric to operate drone deliveries in India

Zypp Electric is to use TSAW unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs or drones) to make last mile deliveries in India.

Some 200 drones are to be used in four of the five cities Zypp Electric operates in across India in a limited service as the companies work out how to best operate the drone delivery service.

The delivery drones have smart lockers that can only be opened with an OTP pin by the customer. Use of drones for last mile delivery gets around the problem of grocery deliveries in heavy traffic and hilly terrain, both of which hamper Zypp’s services in the major cities in which it operates.

“We are extremely happy to announce our partnership with TSAW Drones, India’s leading drone R&D & manufacturing startup. The best part is that drones are flying EV vehicles and they will add as an extension to our ground fleet of E-scooters to deliver medical, food, grocery parcels in long distances at 1/10 the time needed and also in hilly terrains where deliveries via roads are tougher. Zypp Electric is looking forward to making the deliveries smoother and smarter across various locations. Zypp Electric and TSAW Drones’ partnership will help take last-mile deliveries to the next level.” said Akash Gupta, Co-Founder & CEO of Zypp Electric.