GEODIS doubles productivity using robotic picking

French supply chain and logistics operator GEODIS has reported a pilot project at its warehouse in Indianapolis has doubled productivity using robotic picking.

GEODIS issued a statement last week that said it has been working with an unnamed “major online women’s apparel client” using 30 autonomous mobile robots from Locus Robotics.

The 139,000 square foot warehouse run by the SNCF owned company handles more than 30,000 SKUs and normally uses a manual picking process that is both complex and has little margin for error.

According to GEODIS: “The results have been staggering. Now, 80% of the units are picked to the robots daily. Employee productivity has doubled and there was at least 50% reduction in time to train new employees.”

With the very successful pilot under its belt, GEODIS is looking to work with Locus Robotics in other warehouses it operates, bringing in more retail and e-commerce clients.

“We are very proud to welcome GEODIS as a customer,” said Rick Faulk, CEO of Locus Robotics. “Our robots enhance more than worker productivity; they improve worker job satisfaction by removing some of the more physically demanding aspects of the picking process.”