Quadient launches parcel locker network in Japan

Global parcel delivery tech company Quadient has launched a range of compact and small parcel lockers for the retail and parcel carrier markets in Japan.

Daniel Malouf, chief solution officer, Parcel Locker Solutions at Quadient said: “The experience we have built in the past years, collaborating with key players in the retail and carrier markets, more particularly in France and Japan, has enabled us to conceive and bring this innovation to market, and meet the high expectations of our customers in terms of cost, reliability, and serviceability.

“Parcel Pending Lite by Quadient is the solution that disrupts the parcel delivery and collection landscape as we know it today, bringing the automated parcel pickup experience to retail stores of all sizes, even your favorite small store across the street.”

Quadient recently acquired the company Parcel Pending and has announced the adoption of its ‘Parcel Pending by Quadient’ brand for North America and Europe. This uses a brand name well known in the US and Canada thanks to the reach of its acquisition.

“As we launch Parcel Pending Lite, we continue to demonstrate the successful outcome of the synergies initiated with our Back to Growth strategy,” said Geoffrey Godet, chief executive officer of Quadient. “The main objectives were severalfold: to operate truly as one company, with a common marketing vision, a centralised development and management of the product portfolio, greater consistency in the offering from one region to another, as well as stronger synergies both in R&D and in the supply chain. Thanks to these efforts, Quadient is able to bring to its customers the only true modular intelligent parcel locker solution in the market today.”