UPS announces MiC 2.0 Report

United Parcel Service (UPS) has announced the release of its Made in China 2.0 (MiC 2.0) report, as well as service improvements in Shanghai, Beijing and Tianjin.

The research for MiC 2.0 was conducted by Lightspeed GMI for UPS and Caixin Media. 1000 senior decision makers in export manufacturing companies across China were interviewers. In order to qualify to be interviewed the respondents had to work for a business that exported at least 40% of the value of the goods it produced, and the person had to have senior decision making responsibilities within that company. The interviews were done in December 2015.

According to UPS’s statement the responses from the respondents highlighted the importance of logistics and delivery infrastructure.

“MiC 2.0 Leaders understand that investing in logistics can add value to key business objectives. They are three times more likely to recognize that logistics can play a highly important role in reducing costs and growing sales, and two times more likely to enhance the customer experience,” said UPS.

“MiC 2.0 Leaders are significantly more likely than other export manufacturers to rate improving logistics (170%) and growing sales (168%) as highly important priorities for future success.”

Richard Loi, President of UPS China, commented: “As a global trade enabler and leader in integrated logistics solutions, UPS is well-positioned to help export manufacturers in China succeed and export globally. To this end, we are continually enhancing our service capabilities to provide strong support for businesses in China as they look toward global markets. This is why we are implementing service enhancements that include later pick-up time and faster time-in-transit in key cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Tianjin.”

In addition to the MiC2.0 report, UPS also announced that customers in Beijing and Tianjin can now benefit from faster transit times up to 24 hours, and pick-up cut-off time extension up to 2.5 hours in Beijing and 3 hours in Tianjin. Customers in Shanghai can benefit from pick-up cut-off time extension up to 1.5 hours.

UPS has also been expanding its presence in second and third tier cities. In 2015, UPS expanded into 21 new cities as part of its long term growth strategy in China. These cities are primarily in the Jiangsu, Shandong, Zhejiang and Guangdong provinces and Chongqing Municipality.